Process Data in Seconds with Softchoice and IBM Flash Storage

What’s the difference between processing your data in 10 minutes versus 10 seconds?

It could mean the difference for closing a deal. It could mean the difference to having the key information you need to create a business case. It could mean the difference for making a critical decision. It could mean everything.

IBM Flash Storage Doesn’t Hold Anything Back

When you need fast data at your fingertips, flash can help increase the utilization of your desktop servers and database applications. Compared to traditional disk storage, the memory and ram of flash disk moves at the speed of thought. You’ll be able to gain 6.7x more capacity in a single rack and 19x more cost-efficiency in dollars per IOPS.2

  • Gain better performing applications to run deeper analytics
  • Accelerate business decision-making across multiple application platforms, including transactional and analytical databases
  • Improve bandwidth and input/output operations per second (IOPS) without compromising latency
  • Reduce business interruptions without sacrificing performance or usable capacity

Why Choose Softchoice for IBM Flash Storage?

Softchoice can show the best way to leverage IBM Flash so you can maximize the full capability of your database applications. Instead of hiring a DBA to fix your disk problem or investing in new systems and applications, you can reach your storage performance benchmarks with a more cost-efficient and proven approach.

Depending on how you currently use your data, the Softchoice Flash team will give you a rundown of how flash can help you achieve additional storage optimization.

By sending us your current data metrics (including what you’re using your data for and where you need to see improvements), we’ll run a report that outlines you how your database will perform on IBM Flash.

Our assessment doesn’t stop at the sales stage.

We also provide hand-on technical support and no-charge lab services at any point.

2 Flash outperforms disk in IBM Almaden Research Lab demonstration