Privacy Policy

At Softchoice, we ensure that your organization is provided with the most secure and respectful online shopping experience possible, while also tailoring our services to meet your unique needs.

Privacy Guarantee

Softchoice is committed to safeguarding your online privacy. When you are on our site, we will collect some personal information to improve and personalize your service. This information will be shared with Softchoice alone, unless specifically stated otherwise.

Softchoice does not sell or rent user information.

Personally identifiable information

Some personal information is gathered when you register with Softchoice. During our account setup process, Softchoice asks for your name, e-mail address, zip code, etc. The more information you can provide, the better we are able to customize your experience.

Cookies and how Softchoice uses them

Cookies are unique ID numbers issued by web servers. They are stored on your computer’s hard drive and are referenced by your browser when you visit our site. The Softchoice website requires that you accept cookies. Additionally, we also set a cookie for HitBox Enterprises which is used for web traffic analysis.

Disabling cookies will limit our ability to provide you with a quality shopping experience.

How Softchoice uses your information

Softchoice’s primary goal in collecting personal information is to provide users with a customized experience. We do not disclose any specific user data to prospective advertisers. Softchoice may disclose your identifying information if under special circumstances the law requires it.

Softchoice Business Partners and Suppliers

Softchoice may disclose your purchase information to business partners. Most software publishers require us to provide them with reports on products purchased and by whom. We are contractually obliged to provide this information and you should assume this to be the case for all products sold by Softchoice.

Softchoice may transfer personal information to trusted third parties for processing and storage purposes. Such personal information may be transferred across provincial and national borders, in which case, the information may become subject to the legislation of the jurisdiction to which it has been transferred. Softchoice only transfers personal information to third parties who keep confidential and secure the information we send them for purposes of performing their functions for Softchoice.

Email and Customer Contacts

Softchoice may periodically send you email regarding our products and services. In addition, if you have indicated upon registration that you are interested in receiving offers or information from Softchoice and/or our partners, we may occasionally send you direct mail about products and services that may be of interest to you. Only Softchoice will send you these direct mailings.

Softchoice’s policy on allowing you to update, correct, or delete your personally identifiable information is that you may edit any identifying information in our systems simply by calling us at 1-800-268-7638. We want to ensure that our service levels are not affected by incomplete or inaccurate information. Your Softchoice access can be deleted or deactivated, but doing so will result in an inability to access any further information on your account.

In order to comply with all federal, regional and municipal laws, we are required to keep records on all sales transactions for a specified number of years. Consequently, these records cannot be deleted until such time that it is lawful to do so.

Security precautions in place to protect your information

Softchoice user account information is password-protected. Therefore, only you or others within your organization can gain access to this information. You may contact us if any access information must be changed.

We have taken steps to ensure that your ID and password remain as secure as possible. However, it is the responsibility of the user to ensure that the password ceases to be shared or listed publicly. Sign out of your Softchoice account and terminate your browser window so that others cannot access your personal account information.

Security Guarantee

Softchoice has made every effort to ensure that you are comfortable giving us the information we require to fulfill your order. All transactions with Softchoice are conducted using Secure Socket Layers (SSL).

When you complete the Softchoice order form your private information, such as credit card data, is encrypted and can only be read by our server. We support and endorse modern browsers with 128-bit encryption.

In order to support the security of your computer and account, your session will be terminated if there has been no activity for a period of 40 minutes. While the pricing and personalized features will continue to be available, you will be prompted to sign in again.

Questions regarding this statement may be directed to us by email or call us at 1-800-268-7638.

In order to process your order, you authorize SOFTCHOICE to check the personal information you have provided to us for the purpose of verification of your billing address. You agree that SOFTCHOICE may disclose your personal information to third parties solely for the purpose of verification and that such third parties may provide verification of personal information about you to SOFTCHOICE solely for this purpose…